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Hope For Children has already changed the lives of countless children and their communities in Ethiopia. Our work is proof that a small organization working with local community partners can make a real and sustainable difference. We have many exciting plans to expand our activities in 2008 and we need your support.

Today in Ethiopia there are approximately 4.6 million orphan children. The parents of many of these children have died from HIV/AIDS. Hope for Children is dedicated to empowering the most desperate and vulnerable children to live with dignity and develop self-sufficiency and independence.

It’s about nurturing, educating and supporting children to reach their potential.
It’s about access to basic human rights for children.
It’s about stories of hope, success, tragedy and triumph

And it’s about how you can be a part of this.

Welcome to our new website .
We are proud to announce the new arrival of our website. Here you will be able to keep in touch with all things Hope For Children. Bookmark us and come back for latest news, projects and how you can help.

A new playground has been built in the Hope for Children Kindergarten in Addis Ababa.
This has given the 62 children who currently attend the kindergarten the chance to play on colorful, inventive equipment that must fulfill their wildest dreams...

HFC Youth Enrichment Centre
The HFC Youth Enrichment Centre has had a record sign-up for school holiday classes with 120 children taking English class. The centre is a beautiful bright space that children are free to use for supervised study or to take extra classes...

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