Education Programs

Ethiopia is on track to provide universal primary education by 2015,
in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals. While this is highly laudable, results on the ground demonstrate that access to education alone is not capable of bringing about the kind of transformation required to shift the poverty paradigm to one of community resilience and potential.

Hope for Children has two flagship educational initiatives in Addis Ababa – The School of St Yared; and our integrated orphan and vulnerable child support program including Child Sponsorship and Scholarship and the Youth Enrichment Centre.

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programs education sponsorship

What might be possible for Ethiopia's most vunerable children if they could realise their true value and potential?

Jacqui Gilmour, Co-Founder of Hope for Children

Health Programs

Through a range of integrated services, Hope for Children’s Health programs focus on the health and wellbeing of child and youth participants and their parents or caregivers, as well as providing much needed assistance to those living with a critical illness. 

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Livelihood Programs

Hope for Children’s  Anti-Human Trafficking and Community Savings Programs, as well as our Vocational Training Restaurant, aim to assist young people, parents and carers of vulnerable children to financial independence; supporting alternatives to generational poverty and illegal migration. 

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programs livelihood restaurant

Worldwide Programs

Hope for Children also supports a number of partner organisations to implement education, Anti-Human Trafficking and community water projects in the Philippines and Nepal.

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